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The Emergence Of Millenial Women Of Color In Hip Hop And Fashion

Of late there has been a resurgence of women of color in the world of hip hop and fashion. This article explores the key figures emerging at the top of these industries. 

In the past, hip hop was predominantly dominated by men of color, and fashion was controlled by white women. However, the time has moved on and now there are women of color in hip hop and fashion who are reshaping both industries with their unique style and talent. 

Women Of Color In Hip Hop 

Arguably, the growing trend of women in hip hop started with the emergence of Beyonce after the split of Destiny’s Child. However, over the last few years, we have witnessed more names step into the spotlight from Nicki Minaj to Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. These ladies are some of the most popular artists working today and regularly top the charts with their music. Each artist has also been recognized as a trendsetter in the world of fashion but that’s only one way that millennial women of color are changing the fashion industry. 

Fashion By And For Women Of Color 

There are countless fashion brands on the market that are owned or managed by millennial women of color. This includes Proclaim. The ethical designer is widely known for creating products that are made from recycled plastic bottles and their inclusive nude lingerie. Indeed, the owner of the brand started the company because they were tired of struggling to find “nude” lingerie that matched her brown skin tone. 

Alternatively, if you are more interested in vintage clothing, then you could explore the work of Subrina Heyink. She creates Instagram-worthy designs that look as though they are taken directly from 90’s rom coms. Every woman needs at least one great piece of vintage clothing and this store certainly delivers. 

There are also countless other possibilities too including Toy’s Slycc & Sexy Treats. As you might have guessed, this brand focused on delivering stylish and sexy clothing to women of color that looks fantastic and will ensure that they feel incredible in their own skin. 

Other brands such as Victoria’s Secret have become incentivized to be more inclusive as of late. They have recently hired more models who are women of color as well as young designers. This is at least in part tied to the massive impact that women of color in the hip-hop industry have had on changing ideas about style and fashion. 

Millennial Woman Of Color In Hip Hop And Fashion Conclusion

It’s clear then that millennial women of color are taking the world by storm. There are more iconic women of color in hip hop and fashion than ever before. There are clothing brands that are specifically made focused on and designed by women of color which are the focal points for some of the latest fashion trends. Furthermore, millennial women of color often top the charts and are seen as some of the most iconic hip-hop artists performing in the world today.